“For 8 plus years, my hands looked like they belonged on a crocodile. I was embarrassed to shake anyone’s hand & paranoid to touch anything. I always (jokingly) said that if a man were to ever propose to me with my hands looking like this, he would run away. Countless nights I woke up from my sleep scratching the blisters on my hands, scalp, and neck. Sometimes, to the point they would ooze & bleed.

I visited multiple dermatologist who prescribed steroid creams & shampoos. And they worked... temporarily.

However, we all know the story behind steroids. We all know how harsh and dangerous they are towards the body.

Due to my gluten/lactose intolerance, and due to my lack of desire to eat meat, I was transitioning my life in a more “natural” way. I started pinpointing the things that were triggering my eczema/ digestive issues, and the things that helped to give them relief.

That’s how I stumbled into creating Minty + Relieph.
There is one ingredient in particular that I (strangely) fell in love with: apple cider vinegar.

I know it’s a tough one to get on board with, but the benefits definitely outweigh the bitter taste and stench. I found that drinking it daily (along with doing other things) helped to somewhat soothe my tummy and irritable bowel syndrome.

I had been drinking ACV for years, way before it began trending. My friends would always tease me about my love for something that tasted so foul. But here we are! One day I was dealing with another terrible, and rather painful, flare-up on my hands, and I decided to use the apple cider vinegar to treat it.

The results were incredible and the rest was history.
That week I decided to get in the kitchen and formulate a concoction that I could use daily. A concoction that would not only help soothe my itchiness, but also help repair my extremely damaged barrier. A concoction that was natural, toxic free, yet gentle. A concoction that uses apple cider vinegar as the base without the smell.

That’s how Minty + Relieph was born.
We hope our products give you just as much relieph as it has given me."
Founder, Mariah Woodson