Minty + Feature with Eczema Warrior, Anisa Haq

Tell us a little about yourself! Background, career, business?

I’m a Bangladeshi Canadian, born in Sweden and raised in Canada. Although my 9-5 job is working in human resources, my main passion is all things beauty and bringing joy for my friends online through tutorials, recipes and funny videos.  A few years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and that’s what started my Instagram page. I was determined to keep my mind off of it and instead on to something I knew I loved, and that’s how @anisahaq began. Over the years, I became cancer free but still post on my page as it brings me pure peace and happiness!

When did you start noticing you had sensitive skin/eczema?

Unfortunately I’ve had severe eczema since I was a baby and have dealt with it all my life, into my adult years.  


What has helped you calm a flare-up? Any particular practice, medication, ointment, cream?

I think it starts with what you put into your body, I notice when I limit my dairy my eczema gets better. But sometimes, these flare ups are out of control, in which case I ensure not to use any new products, I don’t wear makeup, I put on 100% cotton pajamas, and I try and really relax. I also use “lyderm” which is an ointment that I find really helps with my flare ups.

Do you know what your triggers are?

Stress, dairy, pistachios, wool, washing my hands excessively, sanitizer

What advice would you give another eczema warrior?

 Don’t let eczema control you and most importantly, don’t let it define you. Know your flare ups and protect yourself ahead of time. Remember that it starts within so if you’re not taking care of your overall health including your stress levels, your eczema will flare up. Simple lifestyle changes from stressing less, changing your diet and working with your doctor are all helpful tips to controlling your eczema


When I was 6 years old, my doctor told me “well you cant keep itching” and I remember my dad defending me saying, “well you can’t tell her not to itch, it’s not like that is easy for her” and I remember looking at my dad thinking, “thank you for being an advocate for me right now”. Because he was right, it isn’t easy to just stop itching! There’s more to it, and there’s more advice or tips that doctors can provide other than “don’t itch!” – that never helped me as a 6 year old.

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